Awards & Recognition

In 2015 Midland County Central Dispatch Authority recognized the entire dispatch team with the Telecommunicator of the Year award for their dedication, skill, flexibility and adaptability during replacement of mission critical equipment, increased workloads and overtime.    In 2015, Midland County moved to the State of Michigan 800 public safety radio system for interoperability with other agencies and statewide preparedness and replaced the 911 phone system with an IP based system capable of handling the increased demands of technology.  Staying current and able to accept the current communication technology is critical to the safety of our community and public safety. 

The 2014 Telecommunicator of the Year was awarded to Troy Irving, for his skills, loyalty, dedication, professionalism, customer service and team work. His actions and goals are seated in teamwork.  He is described as the 'ultimate team player'.  His interactions with all contacts are professional and respectful.  He works hard to earn the respect and trust of all that he works with.  He is very conscientious and empathetic.   He displays genuine concern and empathy for everyone he comes into contact with each day.  He actively seeks out more information, new roles, new duties and opportunities to improve.  He works hard to ensure that everyone goes home at the end of watch.

The 2013 Telecommunicator of the Year was awarded to Melissa Snelling.   She works to find ways to improve, streamline tasks and increase production and organization.  Her customer service skills shine through in all of her contacts with citizens, responders and coworkers.  She demonstrates professionalism, confidence and empathy in even her most difficult contacts. We appreciate her dedication to this agency, her positive attitude, experience and drive.  

The 2012 Telecommunicator of the Year was awarded to Stephanie Holt.  She was selected for her commitment to excellence and her efforts to go above and beyond in every situation.  Stephanie not ensures a job well done but ensures the safety of all.  She consistently looks for ways to improve, provide better service and increase efficiency.  She takes steps to stay informed not only within our agency but within our community.  Her actions are seated in teamwork and professionalism.